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Treat the palate with

Oriental food specialities

The Far East is a world of flavours and fragrances that resembles the palette of a painter who depicts a painting full of colours; in the same way La Dogana Food is inspired by different gastronomical traditions to offer tasty and unique menus.

A balanced mix

between past and present

La Dogana Food is a melting pot of cultures and stories which are blended with their original identity. The traditions of far countries are side by side at this trendy restaurant devoted to fusion cuisine lovers.

A journey in taste

Dogana Food

This is a preview of specialities that you can taste every day at Dogana Food:

Gourmet pick

Japanese cuisine

Nighiri, hosomaki, maki and sashimi are the must eat, our chefs also cook grilled meat and fish such as yakitori and teppanyaki, which you can order at counter. Create your favourite Japanese menu!

A classic always popular

Chinese cuisine

At our restaurant you will rediscover Cantonese rice, tofu, almond chicken, spring rolls, noodles and wonton, the most popular dishes of the Great Wall country. You will be surprised by the creative revisitations of our chefs.

Not only Asian food

Brazilian cuisine

Once you are entered at La Dogana Food you will realize that the palate delights don't have only one homeland. For this reason our chefs propose to the most curious customers a typical Brazilian dish, churrasco. Every day at dinner (except on Mondays), the chef will serve this dish at your table. If you like travel and combine specialities from far countries, here you will find what you have been looking for.

Belpaese jewels

italian cuisine

We know that Italian culinary tradition is worldwide renowned and we are convinced that any trip shouldn't neglect the starting point. In our menus you will always find Italian dishes, a sort of bridge with the delicacies of the Far East. At the buffet you can try salads, meat dishes and desserts to feel at home.

Create your dish

Oriental cuisine par excellence

We want to go along with you on this gustatory path through a series of stages in our “islands”: the areas of our restaurant.

Each area is devoted to a specialty, but only you will decide how it will be your own dish and which courses will design personal tasting experience.

Light and savoury dishes

The Steamer

Every morning the chefs pick and choose the freshest ingredients for the dishes to cook with our Steamer to appreciate the genuineness of food. These monoportions are a tasty preamble to the Dogana Food specialities: sweet and savory ravioli, vegetables and other delicacies cooked by steaming to order. The steaming cooking preserves the nutritional properties of food, enhances the flavours, is very healthy and recommended for many kinds of diets. Choose one of the baskets prepared with a selection of raw ingredients; thanks to Dogana Steamer the dishes will be ready in 3 minutes at 103 °C.

Fish & meat express dishes

The Grill

If you love Far East cuisine, the grilled food is a must in your menu. At our restaurant you can order at your leisure oriental meat and fish dishes at the counter dedicated: then the waiter will serve you directly at the table.

Asian cuisine must


If you think you've already tried all kinds of noodles, we are there to surprise you: each month (exclusively in autumn and winter) at La Dogana Food we propose different types of noodles inspiring to Chinese and Japanese traditions. Our noodles are express dishes to order at the counter, the chefs will cook your dish on the spot to make you enjoy this speciality at its best.

Our exclusive

Huo Guo soup

The Huo Guo is a dish that has a history of more than 1000 years and we thought we'd let you know this typical Mongolian soup respecting the tradition. For this reason you can choose the ingredients of the soup at the counter and you will experience the thrill of cooking your hot pot! You can indulge in composing your soup, you can choose among fish, meat, tofu, seafood and vegetables to boil in the broth. Everything will be served at the table in a saucepan with stove below, so you will cook by yourself the Huo Go and savor it just like Chinese do! The soup pairs with sauces in which to dip the morsels and Chinese typical food such as dates, goji berries and ginseng.

This is just a sample of the delicious specialities of our restaurant.

We will amaze you each time with ever new delicacies.